At Sophos Consulting we listen to your concerns and issues as well as reviewing your systems prior to making any recommendation. We try to work with your existing IT infrastructure whenever possible.

Security Services

Today security threats are so all encompasing that they have to be taken seriously. We provide everything from firewall's with real time threat analysis services that are automatically updated to video surveillance. We also work with several card access systems to monitor activity 24/7. Keep in mind that it usually only takes one incident that can be stopped or prosecuted to justify the expense the system.

Systems Design and Integration

We have decades of experience designing complete and reliable data systems for your entire organization. Microsoft, open source, or a mix of both

Business Processes

Many companies don't review their internal processes for ways to improve them using either their existing IT infrastructure or available new technology. With the assistance of department managers, Sophos can reduce inefficiencies and extra costs. We also offer reviews of phone bills and technology leasing contracts (phone systems, copiers, etc).

IT Outsourcing

We can quickly suppliment your IT department with expert help. We also provide network monitoring, log monitoring, and full remote support for both desktops and servers with guaranteed fixed monthly costs.